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Penhaligons Friends

Become a Penhaligon’s Pal

The support of the community is absolutely vital to the work done by Penhaligon’s Friends in supporting bereaved children and young people throughout Cornwall.

We would love it if you could become a ‘Penhaligon’s Pal’ by making a monthly donation to ensure that we can keep supporting children and young people across Cornwall. Last year Penhaligon’s Friends supported 875 bereaved children and young people .

You can become a Penhaligon’s Pal by giving £5 (or more) each month. In return we will send you a monthly email of thanks and will keep you up to date with our news. Your support will help hundreds of bereaved children and their families each year.

This is what your monthly donation could fund:

  • £5 a month – to fund a home visit to a bereaved family in Cornwall
  • £10 a month – to fund telephone advice, support and resources for a bereaved family
  • £15 a month – to train a new volunteer to support bereaved children
  • £25 a month – to provide our full support to a bereaved child or young person anywhere in Cornwall

To become a Penhaligon’s Pal you can set up a regular donation using Just Giving here. Alternatively, if you would rather set up a Direct Debit, please get in touch.