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Penhaligons Friends

Organise an Event

Fundraising doesn’t have to be large-scale or complicated!

Here’s an idea that anyone can start off with:
“The expanding Coffee Morning”

Invite five friends round for coffee, charging them just £2 each. (that will raise £10 for Penhaligon’s Friends) Ask each of them to hold a coffee morning for five friends, again charging £2 each (that will raise a further £50 – 25 people times 2). Ask those 25 people to each hold a coffee morning for five of their friends and that will raise £250 – increasing your total to £310 ! (and so on, for as long as it can be kept going – the next “step” in the sequence – 125 people each inviting five friends – would raise a massive £1250 !)

There are lots of other things an individual can do – how about an afternoon tea in your garden, a garage sale, a stall on our behalf at a local car boot or other event – the list is endless !

If you have a fundraising initiative then please ring us on 01209 210624 to see how we may be able to support your idea.

It’s always helpful for us to know in advance what people are planning on our behalf so that we can keep track of what’s going on and put local supporters in touch with one another.

Organising an Event at your Church, School or Workplace

Please talk to your family, friends and colleagues about our work. If they agree to help you organize an event or collection for us then please get in touch with us before the event so that we can help you and make sure you’re following the various regulations relating to fundraising.

Swimming, Walking, Skipping, Jogging, Slimming, Running, Cycling or Climbing a Mountain

Penhaligon’s Friends supporters have done all of these and more – and by getting themselves sponsored they’ve raised thousands of pounds for us !

If you’re taking part in an event like this then please get in touch with us NOW so that we can provide Penhaligon’s Friends sponsor forms for you to sign up family and friends as sponsors !