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Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Bereavement and grief impacts everyone and it is important we give consideration to how different people understand and process information and emotions.

Children with SEND may not communicate in the way other children of their age may, however, we can take the time to help a child with more complicated communication structures understand what has happened and express themselves in their own way.

We are very happy to support parents & carers, alongside the professionals who already have a good relationship with the child, to understand how a child is grieving and consider their individual support needs with this.

It is key that any support is appropriate to the functioning level of the child, and is closely supported by those who know the child best and know how they usually communicate.

We would recommend parents, carers & professionals obtain a copy of a book called ‘We all Grieve’, you can buy it here.

Winston’s Wish have also created an activity pack designed to be used alongside this book. Take a look at the activity pack here.



Other resources you may find useful, you can click on the pictures to access them:


Widget have a Bereavement & Loss Resource Set, created by Sarah Helton

A set of resources designed for children, young people and their families to help them through the process of bereavement and loss including specific resources dealing with particular aspects of bereavement.  



Books Beyond Words have a series of publications available on their website.



Books Beyond Words – Death & Dying





Bereavement & Loss- Supporting children with complex learning & communication needs

Loss and complex needs leaflet A5

by Cornwall Council EP Service & Penhaligon’s Friends