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Support for Bereaved Children, Young People & Families – COVID19

Resources & Links for Families, Children & Young People


Support with bereavement during COVID-19

Death and dying has changed because of the COVID-19 situation.

Death is talked about repeatedly in the media and as a topic of conversation within families.

We have also seen the impact Coronavirus has had on the death rates worldwide.

Anyone who has been bereaved during the period of lockdown and social distancing, may also have lost the opportunity to be a part of the common rituals we would normally participate in following a death.

The situation has created isolation, limited human connection and our access to normal coping strategies – this all has a big impact on how we grieve.

For any child or young person bereaved, from any cause of death during this time you may find the following resources useful:

Advice on Supporting Children Bereaved During the COVID-19 Situation & How to Explain Coronavirus to Children

Supporting children with bereavement during COVID19 situation

childrens guide to coronavirus


For anyone faced with someone being seriously ill during this time, the following resources may provide some guidance and ideas:

Keeping-in-touch when someone is seriously ill