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What We Can Do To Help

One of the things that children tell us is that they find it really helpful to meet other children who have gone through a similar experience to them. In order to make this happen we run four special days a year called Memory Days. These are days where its OK to have fun and its OK to laugh or cry.

Memory Days

Who can come?
Children and young people aged 4-18yrs, and their families, who have experienced a bereavement.

What happens?
The day is filled with activities that help to remember the person and to explore some of the feelings that people have when someone dies. The activities happen in small groups where you will be with other young people of your own age. We have fun!

How much does it cost?
There is no charge, lunch and refreshments are provided. We can even help with transport if you need it.

Find out more…
You can either ring: 01209 210624 and have a chat to one of our co-ordinators or ask any professional or friend supporting your family to refer you.  We will then arrange to meet with you to tell you more about the days and how you can get on the invite list!

Teenage Group


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One to One Support

Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to in private who is not directly involved with your family and school life.  We have trained volunteers who can visit regularly, usually once a week, and give you a space to explore some of your feelings and try to find some positive coping strategies.